About us

Welcome to Munchkins and Monograms! 

What started as a fun past time to outfit my three boys, has grown into a flourishing little business where I get to bring my passion for all things cute to you and your littlest loves.

My name is Katie Jones, and I live in the DFW area with my husband, David, and our three sons: Braxton, Ryder, and Wesley. The boys have been very generous to give up nearly half of their play space at home to make room for my growing M&M office. I design, create, pack, and ship right from home.  

I’m excited to share the joys of monogramming with you and your loved ones. This work is full of fun and challenges. I work meticulously to make sure every thread color, stitch pattern, and appliqué is done with excellence and care. The work for me has never been transactional - I give you a product and you pay me some money. Instead, I want each outfit, towel, burp cloth, backpack, hat, tote, or even a face mask to bring you happiness and pride. 

So thank you for trusting me to care for the loves in your life.  Follow @munchkinsandmonograms on Instagram and Facebook to see more of my work. Shoot me a DM on instagram if you don’t see what you’re looking for on my website. 

Happy Monogramming!